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I am honored to support you in rediscovering your true essence.
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Hello! I am Lin Heidt

SE Practitioner, Yoga and mindfulness instructor and energy healer

Have you lost your direction? Overwhelmed or anxious? Feeling untethered?

If you’re looking for relief from anxiety or stress, trauma renegotiation, symptomatic relief, an improved relationship with yourself or another, guidance on how to feel more balanced in your daily life, or relief from the unknown and challenging times, you will find relief, clarity and expansion here.

My mission is to bring healing, freedom and joy into the world through individual sessions, workshops, retreats and lectures. Nervous system renegotiation, co-regulation, and neuropsychology are some of the many approaches we take together to support you.


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Somatic Experience

Stress? Grief? Worried about the overwhelming unknowns of our times? Embrace connection with our bodies and the innate wisdom the body holds.

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Healing Sessions

Has your eating changed? Feeling sluggish or off? Find balance with our healing practices. Including Wholistic Health And Energy Healing

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Yoga Practice

Embrace your practice, deepen your breath and connect with the traditional and modern approaches of alignment and energetics

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Group Events

Embrace your practice, deepen your breath and connect with the traditional and modern approaches of alignment and energetics

"Lin Heidt has helped me connect to my body, listen, feel safe, build up my tolerance by guiding me patiently to feel and reminding me to be present and grounded. After my sessions with Lin, I always feel relaxed, present, open and full of happiness. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Lin!"
"The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect."
Peter A. Levine


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