Meet Lin Heidt- an SE practitioner, certified yoga teacher and an intuitive healer in Canmore, Alberta

Hello! I am Lin Heidt. I have been passionate about healing modalities for over 25 years. I started out pursuing various healing practices and soon my path led to meditation. I started my yoga path soon after, and through many travels discovered the potent modality of Somatic Experience, which now influences most of my current work.

The journey that has led me here has been marked by my own challenges and curveballs, like so many of us. After a series of horrible challenges I was left to face my limiting beliefs, shadows and self sabotaging behaviors that had imprisoned me for far too long. It was in one of the worst periods that I chose to pursue a transformational process that upended generations of trauma, roles, belief systems and the status quo that I had accepted as how things are.

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I have spent time in adventure sports a mountain sports enthusiast, pioneering extended ski trips, and climbing globally. I chose to pursue a career in Landscape Design after some other doors closed, and designing large areas and working with plants was a rewarding career. I will carry the benefits of this time throughout my life and am incorporating it in the healing work I now do.  

I have studied and practiced many types of yoga: Bikram, Ashtanga various forms of Vinyasa and Hatha. As I travelled to California, Australia, Mexico, east and west in Canada and beyond, I had many opportunities to participate and learn various forms with a variety of teachers. I feel so blessed that I had a widely encompassing introduction to yoga and I came to love all of it, from Restorative to Vinyasa. It is Hatha and Vinyasa that is the foundation for my personal practice, classes and workshops. 

I am a dedicated meditation practitioner, and my 23+ years of practice have opened another dimension of the wholistic health disciplines. I am by no means enlightened, but I have reaped the benefits of a contemplative practice and I believe that in the years to come neuroscience and the medical community will support what traditions have been saying for centuries. 

Work with Lin Heidt

Experience the transformative power of meditation with Lin Heidt. 23+ years of practice in wholistic health. Unlock the benefits of contemplative living.

Professional Bio

  • Somatic Experience Practitioner (SEP)

    2018 to 2023

  • Eye of the Needle


  • Speaker/Presenter - Banff Wellness Retreat


  • Yoga Instructor - Banff International Hostel

    2017 – 2020

  • Yoga Instructor - Town of Canmore

    2014 – 2018

  • Yoga Instructor - CYAN


  • Yoga Instructor - Canmore Yoga in the Park

    2017, 2018

  • Greens & Gardens Inc

    Landscape and plant designer, consultant and installation business.


  • 2022

    Eye of the Needle, Ergos Institute, San Franscisco, CA.
    Collective Healing Journey, Thomas Hubl

  • 2021

    Somatic Experience Training, Advanced Year, Kathy Kain.
    Collective Healing Journey, Thomas Hubl
    Principles of Collective Trauma Healing
    Trauma Informed Leadership, Pocket Project
    Yoga and the Chakras, Seane Corn

  • 2020

    Dr. Srini Live, Dr Srini Pillay, Neuroscience and Consciousness
    Somatic Experience Training, Int/Advanced Year, Kathy Kain.
    Vinyasa Yoga, Seane Corn

Somatic Experience Training, Beg Year, Seattle, WA, Joshua Sylvae

Somatic Experience Training, Beg Year, Seattle, WA, Joshua Sylvae

Teaching yoga Elevation Place, Canmore, AB, Hostelling Int’l, Banff, AB

SE Training (Trauma Renegotiation), Seattle, WA.

Sequencing Aligned Anatomy, Amy Ippoliti, Boulder, CO.

The Hidden Law, Thomas Hub

Living Meditation, Thomas Hubl

Teaching Yoga Elevation Place, Canmore, AB

Yoga in the Park, Canmore, AB

Mind Shift; Nikki Fortin, Canmore, AB

Healing Techniques; Cyndi Dale,Vancouver, BC

Vipassana Meditation Retreat 3 day; Merritt, BC

Mystical Principle of Intimate Relationships, Thomas Hubl

Voice of Change; Suzanne Sterling

Week Alignment Intensive, Amy Ippoliti; Boulder, CO

Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training; Seane Corn, Vancouver, BC

Vipassana Meditation Retreat 3 day; Merritt, BC

Mystical Principles of Healing, Transparent Communication; Thomas Hubl

Yoga Adjustments; Erin Evans, Banff, AB

Weekend Intensive; Amy Ippoliti, Canmore, AB

Detox Flow; Seane Corn, Vancouver, BC
Healing Through Chakras; Anodea Judith, Vancouver, BC
Mystical Principles and Authentic Awakening; Thomas Hubl
Vipasana Meditation Retreat 3 day; Merritt, BC
300 hour YTT Marianne Wells, Nosara, Costa Rica

Yoga, Purpose and Action Intensive, Off the Mat, Omega Institute, New York

Holotropic Breathwork with Stan and Christina Grof and Tav Sparks; San Francisco, CA

Holotropic Breathwork with Stan Grof and Tav Sparks, Los Angeles, CA

Vipasana 10 day retreat; Merritt, BC

Vipassana 10 day retreat; Merritt, BC

 Beth Hedva, Calgary, AB

Holistic Health Studies: Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Herbology, Iridology

Work with Lin Heidt

Lin works with physical trauma, physical challenges, food issues, covid, ADHD, developmental trauma, grief, depression, consciousness, inner child, soul esteem and direction, NDE’s, spiritual crisis’s and inquiries etc. I look forward to supporting you in your journey to wholeness. Lin Heidt is currently available in person, and online from anywhere.

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